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Aerial Drone Photography | Sky Live Streaming | Cable Cam System


Aerial photography and video clip. Live streaming & presentation from sky.

Live streaming

HD streaming drone system directly on ground at your preview monitor. Broadcasting live on national televisions.

Cable cam

Cable cam system record any indoor and outdoor event, position your camera over crowds.


Commercial video clips – new innovations advertise and interesting point of view to your business.

Drone HD Live Presentation | Coverage of events | Industrial Inspection


The desire to be the best in all these years
  • Quadcopter

    Start 2012

  • Hexacopter

    2013 - 2014

  • Octocopter


  • Cablecam system



We are a team of young and ambitious people striving for higher achievements in the field of drone journalism and video from the air. Each of us is a specialist in a particular field such as photography and video processing, micro-processor technology and mechanics; IT support which helps us provide our clients with a complete high quality service to meet their needs. We always strive to show the best of us and achieve the desires of our clients and their goals!
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Dimitar Dimitrov

Professional Drone pilot
The drone pilot. In love with aircraft mechanics. Also responsible for Drone Maintenance. Inspects, performs or supervises the aircraft systems. Fully devoted, workaholic, determined, energetic…simply cool ;)
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Stanimir Chernev

The cameraman. Interested in photography. He doesn’t need the most expensive camera he has the most vivid imagination. Eloquent, loquacious, amicable, easygoing. He is your man…


The company is established in 2012 aiming to provide innovative and creative video and photo solutions to its clients. Our professional team ensures the steadily growing popularity of the aerial services, expanding the use and application of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV).

- Quadvert is the first company to broadcast live signal from an UAV on national television in Bulgaria

- Quadvert is the first company to produce a drone-journalism material in Bulgaria in cooperation with NOVA TV

- Quadvert is the first company to capture 3D video material for the first Bulgarian 3D cinema production

- Quadvert is constantly developing new devices to meet the needs of its clients